Bath & Shower Installation Procedures

Bath & Shower Panel, Bath Accessory Installation Procedures


Required Tools:

  • Circular saw with abrasive masonry blade

  • Jig saw with coarse wood blade

  • Drill with regular steel bits & bi-metal hole saws

  • Caulking gun

  • Clear mildew resistant silicone(for adhering panels on walls

  • Translucent mildew resistant silicone for interior joints

  • 4ft level

  • China marker

  • Tape measure

  • Drywall square or straight edge

Bath & Shower Installation Instructions

For panel trimming:

Use the circular saw with an abrasive masonry blade. Set up a ¾”- 4’ x 8’ sheet of plywood on saw horses. Hang over the edge of the plywood on the side you are trimming. The panel should be face up. Use the china marker to draw lines on the panel. Slightly angle the saw so the foot does not drag on the face of the panel. Cutting backward keeps the dust from accumulating on your line. Keep your fingers under the foot of the saw to ensure it does not drag on the panel causing scratches.

For plumbing fixture holes, use a drill with the bi-metal hole saw. Drill holes right on the plywood so you have backing. Holes for glass enclosure can be drilled with regular steel bits. Apply steady pressure when drilling but let the bit do the work.

Ceiling Panel Installation. If you have a ceiling panel to install, it is the first piece installed. Measure, cut and dry fit your ceiling panel. Once you have done this, you will need to find studs in ceiling and measure where they are. Transfer those measurements onto the ceiling panel and drill holes with a #8 countersink bit. Make sure not to drill too far with the countersink bit. Apply a generous amount of silicone to ceiling, lift and hold the panel in place and screw in 2-1/2” wood screws through holes and into studs ensuring head of screw is recessed in countersink hole a bit. DO NOT OVER TORQUE THE SCREWS AS YOU COULD CRACK THE PANEL. Final tightening can be done by hand to snug the panel up to the ceiling. Place a blob of silicone over the screw head and put the supplied screw caps in place.

DRY FIT ALL PANELS. Apply big buttons(blobs) of silicone with about 15” spacing between silicone buttons(blobs)on drywall then put panel in place and press everywhere on panel on the wall. You can use thin shims to adjust panels if necessary. When all panels are in, silicone vertical and horizontal interior joints with a small bead of silicone and use finger to press silicone into joints, removing excess frequently.

Corner Soap Dish Installation

Hold support block in position where you want the soap dish installed. Drill a 1/8” hole through support block and wall panel at a down ward angle(like nail for picture). Make sure to go through block & wall panel. Screw a #8 x 2-1/2” screw through holes till block is snug against wall. Mount soap dish on block and silicone all joints where soap dish meets wall.

Corner Seat Installation

Cut 3 trim pcs at desired height. We usually plan on having the seat about 19” high from top of seat to base. Silicone 2 on to wall vertically at about ½” back from edge of seat and 1 into corner. Apply 3 circles of silicone on back of each side of seat and place onto support trims and press into place against wall. Silicone all joints where trims and seat meet walls.

Bath Tub & Shower Base installation

Tubs & bases are placed right on floor against studs. Shim to level where necessary. Spray low expansion foam into voids under the tub & base. Do not use plumber’s putty for drains. Use only silicone. Ensure the base or tub is as close to level as possible. This will make panel installation easier.

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