Bath & Shower Panel, Bath Accessory Installation Procedures

Required tools

  • Circular saw with masonry blade
  • Drill with bi-metal hole saws
  • Jig saw with abrasive blade (optional)
  • Caulking gun with mildew resistant bathroom Silicone
  • 4ft spirit level
  • China marker
  • Tape measure

Dry fit all panels before gluing.
Any panel trimming required should be done with a circular saw with an abrasive masonry blade. A table set up with 4’ x 8’- ¾” plywood on sawhorses for panel trimming. Always remember to cut good side up and DO NOT DRAG SAW FOOT ON PANELS.

Keep fingers in between foot & panel. Mark panels with China Marker. Faucet holes can be drilled with a bi-metal hole saw LET THE DRILL DO THE WORK DO NOT PUT MUCH PRESSURE
ON PANEL. For larger holes or curves a jig saw can be used with abrasive blade.

Put a perimeter bead of silicone on wall within dimensions of

Put approximately at every 8″ a 2” diameter and ½” thick buttons of silicone evenly spaced on wall and put up panel and fit it. When in good position, slap entire surface of panel to adhere to

Apply small beads of Silicone on all interior joints (one at a time) and use finger to force silicone into joint and remove excess.

Corner Soap Dish Installation
Hold support block in position where you want the caddy installed. Drill a 1/8” hole through support block and wall panel at downward angle (like nail for picture frame). Make sure to go through support block & wall panel. Screw in a #8 x at least 2” screw through holes. Mount soap caddy onto support block and silicone all joints where caddy meets wall panels.

Corner Seat Installation
Cut 3 trim pieces at equal length (around 13” – 14” is what we usually do). Silicone 2 onto wall about ½” back from edges of seat. Silicone third support into corner. Apply circles of silicone onto back of seat and mount onto support pieces and press firmly onto wall. Silicone all joints where seat and supports meet wall panels.

Installation for bath tubs and shower bases
There is no frame work required for leveling purposes. Put shims under the tub or shower base and use low expansion window foam to take up the void underneath. For the drain, DO NOT use plumbers putty, only use silicone.

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